According to the Companies Ordinance, the limited companies incorporated in HK are required to have statutory audit on the financial statements for the financial year. In additional, the audited financial statements (“audited report”) by a chartered accountant with a practising certificate issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”) bring the following benefits to the shareholders, investors and management (“internal users”):
  • The audited reports provide reasonable assurance for the financial positions and performance based on which the internal users can make timely and appropriate business strategy and decisions.
  • For filing and completing Profits Tax Return, the management has to get the audited reports ready so as to fulfill the requirements of IRD.
  • In the course of financing, the management needs to have the latest or / and the previous audited reports for submission to banks or financial institutions for their assessment and analysis on the company’s financial positions and performance based on which the loan principal, terms and other relevant clauses are determined by the banks or financial institutions.
Our professional auditors have a wealth of experience in various industries. Not only do the auditors provide our clients with clear and thorough financial information, but also recommendations on the company’s operational flows and internal control system, etc. As a result, our clients can achieve long-term business growth.

Apart from the statutory audits, ProSeed CPA Limited extends our assurance services to:

  • Special assurances for litigation cases, mergers, acquisitions, flotations, etc.
  • Audit of charities, associations and other unincorporated bodies
  • Financial due diligence assignments
  • Evaluating management control system
  • Evaluating controls over computerised information system
  • Investigations